The weight of music in our everyday life

Did you know that music is part of what makes humans human? Nowadays, you can play various styles of music with various instruments. There is also technology that offers many ways to listen to music wherever and whenever we are. Scientists recently discovered that music affects many parts of our brain very deeply. But you don’t have to be a Superman to understand its significance in our life. Emotions,  memories, cultural heritage, or just entertainment. Music moves us for different reasons. This is why we wanted to know why most of us give it such importance. Here are some facts proving that music sets the tone for our lives!

Music is the key to creativity

Music fuels our creativity. A creative mind has the capacity to make a discovery and make innovation. It needs the employ of the brain, which not only movements those of originality but also plays a vital role on the intellectual surface. The power of all the arts, counting writing, painting, dance, and drama have the aptitude to make a similar result.

Music makes teaching additional pleasant

Music can be very attractive in the classroom and is a huge tool for memorizing. Children would be able to stay their class much earlier through music. When you study a musical tool on a usual foundation, you work on concrete thoughts and take little steps to attain larger goals. This way of thoughts organizes the wiring in our brain to create looking at learning in a new light.


Music is also a language

It is a verbal communication of all human beings. It transcends all limits of the message because we can talk and tell stories to someone on the other surface of the planet, even if we don’t talk the same language. A musical tool gives you the chance to tell the story without language.

Music can create an atmosphere and make you feel the emotion

Listening to music or singing takes us on a comprehensive trip. It is the power of a festive atmosphere and allows you to have fun. The most excellent way to state feelings, anger, love, joy, and additional kinds of approach is just through music. I’m sure you can bear in mind a time when a cry made you chiefly sad or very excited and happy? No one actually knows why or where it comes from, but a number of studies have shown that there is a chord whose emotions relate to certain types of music.

Music gives us chills and relaxes us

Whenever we listen to music and especially whenever we like a particular song, our brain produces dopamine and serotonin, which awakens positive emotions. This is why certain songs give us goosebumps or seem to us relaxing and soothing. This chemical combination can be so powerful that our body feels tingling, a feeling of well-being, or goosebumps. Our muscles relax; our breathing slows down and becomes deeper, which reduces our stress level. Familiar sounds also relax babies. “We are talking about the mother’s voice or the soft sounds of a lullaby,” explains Professor Olivier Senn, a music researcher at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

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