Do we need AI in household appliances?

AI has changed our lives in a big way. We come across goods and services that use AI for everyday routine. AI has quietly become a part of our life.

  • Social media: When we visit the different social media platforms, we leave our footprints. AI processes data to understand user preference to offer recommendations. It performs status updates, helps in target advertising, fights cyberbullying by detecting and deleting offensive posts.
  • Search engines: Using AI, search engines offer predictive searches based on accumulated data such as age, location, preferences, etc.
  • Chat-bots: Most business websites we visit use chat-bots as customer service representatives. The conversation is so accurate that we feel we are talking to a human.
  • Digital assistants: Using user interactions, AI helps design digital assistants. They perform tasks like checking for information on the web, sending commands to other apps, monitoring/reminding schedules. Etc.
  • Email filters: Instead of manually typing a lengthy reply, users can choose the AI-supported smart reply option that provides a crisp response. It uses filters to effortlessly sort emails into different categories like primary, social, promotions, etc., and safely deposits spam into a separate folder.

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Recognizing the increased role of AI in our lives, most businesses employ a company like Clinc to integrate AI with their existing resources to manufacture smart household appliances. Let us check out some of them.

  1. Smart Televisions: AI empowers televisions to process voice command algorithms in search results. AI enables a better user experience by supporting mobile assistance.
  2. Smart washing machines: AI determines the load weight and fabric to regulate the washing strength, water level, and detergent usage. It helps save energy, reduces power consumption.
  3. Smart refrigerators: AI allows remote monitoring of food items stored in the appliance. Relevant recipes of food items can be accessed using AI assistance. It helps create a shopping list and check the inventory to see which item needs restocking. It monitors and maintains the temperature.
  4. Smart Baby monitors: AI-enabled baby monitors are compatible with smartphones. They help parents keep an eye on the baby at all times.
  5. Smart security systems: AI uses the remote assistance feature and smartphone connectivity to check if doors are locked and alerts during a break-in. Smart cameras monitor, record, and live-stream minute activities.
  6. Robotic cleaners: Maintaining a dust-free home is a tough job. Robotic cleaners are a boon as they systematically and automatically clean all nooks and corners of the house without any supervision.

The smart home systems concept interconnects all the AI-powered appliances to work in coordination. It saves a lot of time and helps people balance their home and career efficiently.

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