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Isbank is the largest private branch network in Turkey. They always think to be different from other financial providers and it has both face-to-face and digital channels. Clinc is an artificial technology that is developed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and awarded as the leading AI business in trusted publications and industry awards.

The Isbank with the help of Clinc AI created a virtual assistant technology called maxi which is designed as a human-in-the-room concept in Turkish. It introduces instant banking, mobile banking, internet banking, and bio identity capability. It is deployed for the banking and financial sectors to automate customer support as a self-service.

It understands the human queries and provides a quick and accurate response since it is specifically designed to process all the natural language. It speaks naturally as human to the customers. As this technology is known to be programmed in many languages, people from various parts of the world could utilize the service without facing any kind of difficulties in a precise manner. Maxi is trained to respond in both spoken and written formats. It can able to respond, recall, and comprehend human speech every day thru deep neural networks, machine learning, and advance natural language processing.

virtual assistant technology

Clinc gives you easier access to better understand the finance, expenses you spend, and personal financial information. Using the virtual assistant, you can perform all the basic financial activities like money transfer, deposits, review transactions, receive spending advice, view balance, and bill payment. It grows daily and is adaptable to understand the human speech pattern.

When a customer is trying to reach thru the phone, an IVR call will be connected and the associated representative will provide a quicker and accurate response to all the queries.

They provide support for small companies to large enterprises. They provide the service by analyzing the historical interactions and combine all the data. The performance is better due to quick data transmission of text or voice messages, analysis, and detection of customer query raised as voice, fast and ease of SDK interaction, optimal interface, and performance improvements of animation. They implement big data, predictive AI models, and advanced analytics.

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