Marisa Mellett – An Outstanding Physician Liaison & Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Texas, Marisa Mellet grew to be a powerful woman with many talents. She finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Science – BS, Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Texas Tech University in 2017 and got her Master’s Degree in Science – MS, Health/Health Care Administration/Management at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2020.

After getting her Bachelor’s Degree, Marisa became a Registered Behavior Technician for one year at Pinecone Therapies located at Southlake, Texas. She gave her clients the highest quality of care and therapy. Marisa also tracked their behavioral data. She was also in charge of relaying data to case managers and performing daily therapy objectives through tech-based sessions. While working at Pinecone Therapies, she got her CPR & AED certificate to handle emergencies better.

She transferred to Austin, Texas, in June of 2018, where she continued to become a Registered Behavior Technician with Action Behavior Centers. Marisa became an influential member of the company with more tasks at hand, including creating and implementing the behavior intervention plans. At Action Behavior Centers, she learned how to cope with her busy schedule while keeping a happy face all the time.

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How Marisa Became an Influential Marketing Manager

In January of 2019, Marisa became a Marketing Assistant with Action Behavior Centers. Here, she learned all the ins and outs of the Marketing sector. As a Marketing Assistant, Marisa assisted the Office Administrator in the new client application process, tours, ADOS assessments, office management, etc. She worked closely with the VP-Marketing to expand physician relations and further assisted with the new market research. SalesForce was utilized to update inbound leads, track events, physician referrals, and current clients, and created and executed a staff retention plan for all company employees. Above all, she managed her time and everything she needed to handle as a Marketing Assistant to become a trusted Marketing Manager.

Her Calling as a Physician Liaison

Her job as a Physician Liaison started last August of 2019. Thanks to her enthusiastic personality, she gravitated towards children on the Autism Spectrum. She is currently helping Action Behavior Centers expand their brand across the North Austin Region. Her time as a Marketing Assistant served her well, managing marketing materials and distribution across all regions. Her ability to handle admin tasks is all thanks to her marketing background. As a Physician Outreach Specialist, her main job is to communicate and build connections with professionals in the Austin Region.

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