Alexei Orlov: Different Interesting Facts To Know About

Alexei Orlov is an experienced practitioner in the case of global marketing as well as international business leadership. He is also the founder as well as CEO of MTM choice worldwide. This is mainly a specialist network of experienced practitioners who are mainly delivering accuracy in case of brand activation as well as media optimization.

Top facts to know about Alexei Orlov 

Alexei Orlov started to create his business back in 2017. He mainly created this company after gaining a lot of experience for about 20 years in the field of global marketing as well as international business leadership industries. This company has got offices in New York,  London, Los Angeles, as well as Milan. This business is actually a specialized network filled with skilled and experienced practitioners, to deliver high-quality brand activation.

Alexei Orlovhas got enormous experience in the field of global brand strategy, marketing deployment as well as operational change management. He has achieved huge success in the field of global marketing. This company is currently constantly working on different acquisitions since this was being founded. In 2018, this company has managed to raise $30 million after two different acquisitions and they are looking forward to more acquisitions.

A Marketer And A Businessman

MTM choice worldwide is currently servicing over 150 local as well as international clients.

Top other achievements of Alexei Orlov to know about 

Before founding his own company MTM choice, Alexei Orlov was working as the senior adviser to the CEO as well as Chairman of DAS. This is an international division of the Omnicom Group. He was also responsible for the entire marketing as well as the brand positioning for all brands of Volkswagen across ASEAN as well as Greater China.

Alexei has also worked as the global director for brand communications for Volvo Cars. He was also working as the marketing director for Volvo UK.  During his tenure, this was the second-largest national sales company for the whole Volvo Corporation. In addition to this Alexei Orlov was also the owner of MCW and ROCQM.  Both of these businesses mainly have got specialization in brand strategy. He was also appointed to a director position at the cosmetics company Avon, where he worked as the marketing director for Avon Cosmetics Retail for Europe. 

Alexei was also the founding member of the Paperchase retail group. These are some of the top achievements of Alexei Orlov.

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