The most popular type of mesh door nowadays is the retractable screen door which has newly added state-of-the-art features that surpasses its counterparts: the hinged and sliding screen doors.

5 Key Features of Retractable Screen Doors

This variety of screen door was innovated to address the weaknesses of the other types by modernizing it through the following:

  1. Making it frameless and lightweight.

The screen door was made frameless to sever the dead weight brought by the solid frames which can only make the shipping fee more expensive and would only bring inconvenience to the buyer during installation. Also, this feature enables the owner to effortlessly safe keep it, especially when not in use. Hence, both its quality and functionality are preserved for a longer time.

  1. The effortless installation enables washability.

Since the frameless screen is lightweight, it is easier to wash because it would not require much effort to detach and reinstall it to the door jamb afterward.

  1. Self-sealing ability

The other types of screen doors require a hand to open and close them which is inconvenient particularly if both of your hands are occupied. To cut you some slack, the latest version of retractable screen doors has been inserted with strong magnets on the fabric of its middle seams so it will lock and unlock itself with a just little nudge from the person passing through it. This innovative feature can initiate good air circulation indoor as an ample amount of air enters and exits the house for every in and out movement of the people. Thus, it lowers and maintains the ambient room temperature.  This self-sealing ability of magnetic screen doors makes it a pet- and kid-friendly home essential.

  1. Multi layers of Mesh

To provide complete protection for your family from bugs, dust, dirt, and pollens, multiple layers of mesh were sinewed together using the strongest mechanized sewing pattern—the straight stitch—which contributes to superb durability.

  1. Heightened aesthetics

This type of screen door does not only protect your family from natural biological hazards brought by bugs and particulates, but it can also accentuate the design of your house’s interior because of its slick design and impactful color which is usually available in black. This contrasting color paired with the greeneries and light as the background highlights the beauty of your unnoticeable doors.

All of these features are available online which comes at good deals. If you buy it here, it comes with a warranty and an assembly kit along with a video installation tutorial that will make the best product you would ever spend your 20 bucks for.




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