Everything You Need To Know About Kawaii Fashion

Modakawa is a combination of MODA and KAWAII, and it perfectly describes their goal: to provide and share the latest kawaii fashion trends and news with cosplayers, anime fans, comic book fans, and gamers.

They began their company as a small group of anime enthusiasts. Based in Hong Kong, they are close to the origins of the culture – Japan – and have frequent opportunities to attend anime/comics exhibitions and conventions, where they can meet like-minded people like you.

They are new to the internet but they are well-versed in this industry. Aside from high-quality, newly-designed products, kawaii outfits, they strive to provide each customer with premium service and a truly satisfying shopping experience.

What Does Kawaii Fashion Mean?

Japanese culture, once known for its gutsy samurai and graceful geishas, has taken an unexpected turn. Kawaii is now synonymous with Japan in a way that it was not in the past. Although kawaii has been accepted by Japanese pop culture, it has a different origin. Today’s word, kawaii, is a combination of several Japanese words that mean “the ability to be loved” and “one’s face is aglow.”

kawaii outfits

Now, kawaii refers to anything cute, and its core is deeply embedded in childhood nostalgia. Kawaii harkens back to a time when problems were smaller and everything was colourful. This cultural movement – Kawaii Fashion – is characterised by adorable infantile characters, clothing the colour of vibrant bubblegum, and big, honest unflinching eyes.

This deeply trendy handwriting style spread to famous mangas and took root in ad campaigns aimed at young ladies before memes were viral. Hello Kitty, the first sincerely kawaii character, was imprinted onto a coin purse, with her enormous head, a snuggly body, and pink bow. Since then, there has been no turning back.

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