Getting Professional Help When Migrating to Australia

If you are aiming to migrate to Australia with the whole family or perhaps with an Australian partner, the first thing you have to consider is whether you must hire an agent or a lawyer. These two can do the same jobs when it comes to migration unless what you have is a complex case that requires judicial review or ministerial intervention. Whether you decide to hire a lawyer or an agent, it’s still challenging to hire family and partner visa specialists or a specific agent or lawyer for the job.

Always look into the individual experience, the skills, and most of all the integrity of the professional you plan to hire.

You have to take note that not all people can help with migration or visa application. Only certain can and this process is called immigration assistance.

Ask smart questions like if the agent specializes in immigration work or whether it is just one area of practice.

The agent or lawyer may practice in many areas like family law, migration, litigation, and others. This agent or lawyer is trained or registered to work in a particular field.

family and partner visa specialists

Prepare yourself for the consultancy meeting with the agent or lawyer or family and partner visa specialists.

Bring all the important documents, determine the circumstances about your level of education, employment background, countries of origin, job offers you received, and others. Ask the agent or the lawyer about the visa options that are available for your circumstances. If you have any issues that confuse you, ask the agent or lawyer as well. Ask about the fees and keep them on record for you to compare with the costs of other agents.

If you are aware of the type of visa you need for immigration, ask if the agent or lawyer specializes in that kind of visa.

Migration agents specialize and happen to be more experienced in specific types of visas.

It is a must for the agent to assess your case.

This is one way for you to find out if the agent is confident or not in your case and his reasons for it. Make sure as well that your interactions with the agent are timely, friendly, and highly efficient. You must have a harmonious relationship with your agent and you must find him worthy of your trust.

The agent or lawyer must also update you of any changes to the laws during the time of processing the visa. You must also be updated on your filing status. Always put your agreements into writing. This must include the payment schedule and be sure to be prompt with your payments.

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