Low Price Tickets: A Success Or A Big Failure

The moviepass uses all technology location-based to help all movie lovers continue to watch their awaited films. These movies will also have a screen in a local area and cinemas. Again, to that, all the price to pay to watch this great movie is set at its lowest value. The company flopped before, but now it stands tall to continue to give service to all those who supported it. This company is under the leadership of CEO Mitch Lowe. This man has set his mind that this company will bring a significant profit. That this service will help those people who love to watch movies buy the ticket at the lowest price. There are so many cons about it since it is impossible to raise some profit if these tickets’ original price were to lessen. The big man of the company insisted that his idea will not fail. That it will be successful not only by profit but also by bringing smiles to the company’s subscribers and supporters.

The downfall of the company

It is fine paying half of the price for a thousand subscribers. Even a hundred thousand can also be possible, but with three million, it would be far from success at all. Everyone thought that this would be the company’s downfall but little did these people know that it is the beginning.

The CEO still has some plans together with the other members. Others thought that the company bombed, but in this new year, it was revived. It is now open to giving service to its subscribers again, not only a hundred, a thousand but a million fans worldwide. This company’s strong mindset is unmatched, making its ideals possible and able to get back on track.

The right movie-viewing solution

The company announces that some changes will be applied. The price will be increased though it will still be affordable by many. Also, the list of movies will be lessened to avoid significant losses. This solution is good since it limits the losses but increases the profits. The company is already standing for years, and as it is back on track, the CEO must have thought of ideas to cover its failure plan. As everyone can see, it is still the same company. It always gives less price to every desired ticket, but then it limits its losses to serve all the supporters for more coming years to come.


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