MoviePass- The future of cinema theatres and halls

Movies have a greater influence and impact on the audience for entertainment. People love the story, acting, plot, cinematics, graphics, and the artists present in it. But there has been a degradation in the movie tickets because of the excessive prices of the ticket. People are preferring to watch them on the television after months but not in the theatres. Nowadays OTT platforms are getting popular day by day because of the downfall in cinematic industries.

However, you can also get to watch the movies from your home not after months but on the same day of release with Moviepass. The company was initially founded by the most famous producer in Hollywood, Ted Farnsworth. The company was established in the year 2017. Before that people couldn’t even imagine watching live movies from their home without visiting the theatres.

What is MoviePass?

The idea and concept are made very simple behind the formation of this application. Instead of visiting the cinemas, you can choose a monthly subscription and enjoy the movies at your home. The app provides multiple features and facilities compared to other online platforms. You get certain extra facilities and privileges as compared to the guys watching in theatres and cinema halls. They have monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly subscriptions are regular and can be found in the app easily but an annual subscription is a limited-time option. The application allows you to watch a single movie in a day without any extra charges.


Advantages of watching movies in MoviePass:

  • It provides a great deal as compared to the prices of the ticket in theatres. The prices of tickets have seen a huge rise in the past few months.
  • The services provided by the application can be availed throughout the year. The tickets do not expire or black out. You can buy the tickets at any point in time and enjoy the movie.
  • The application supports more than 90% of all the theatres that are available in the US. These also include certain top-rated and finest theatres of the country.
  • You also get to keep the track of your movies that you have booked and watched using the application. It helps you complete all your desirable movies and their sequels.

MoviePass is the best that you can get to watch movies at your convenience. You can also download it from the official website and entertain yourself.

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