Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

Having electricity can make our life very easy and hassle free, but how to spot any electrical issues in the home? In this post, we will look at some important ways you can spot some common issues & what you must do about them and call Electrician Frankston.

Many people take electricity for granted. Whenever you want it, you will turn to your nearest switch and outlet, and they are ready to help you 24 by 7. This illuminates our houses, keeps them warm or cool and powers those appliances, which are important part of our daily lives. Here are some signs you might need to give immediate attention:


electrician board

At times the light fixture has got bulb and other fitting with higher watts than its designed fixture. It is the code violation & risk level is high. High heat from this light will melt your socket & insulation present in the wires of your fixture. It results in the sparks from wire and causes the electrical fires. After bulb is removed, socket & wires still will be under damage. So, it is always good to fit the bulb and other fittings just by staying within wattage. Suppose fixtures aren’t marked with any wattage, it’s advisable to use 60watt bulb and smaller ones.

Buzzing sounds

The outlets & switches must operate silently. Suppose you hear any kind of buzzing, cracking and sizzling sounds while you flip the switch and plug in the outlet, make sure you turn off its power immediately & consult the professional electrician.

Tripping circuit breaker

While using high power items before plugging the microwave and hairdryers there’s the chance of getting it tripped. Actually, tripping is an indication that your house is protected. Check what causes it to trip & use the low setting and users will be limited to one single circuit.

Look for frayed wiring

Generally caused by pets, rodents, or amateur handymen, damaged wiring can be significant shock & fire hazard. It is very important if you find and suspect there is any kind of problems, you must contact the licensed electrical contractor who can inspect & replace this damaged wiring or look for ancillary damage.

Electrical shocks

Electrical shock can be one nasty experience. Although they‘re pretty mild, and something akin to the static shock, they will remind us electricity can be very dangerous when it is not used. The electrical shocks generally happen while turning the device on/off.

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