What is Shatter and how to use it?

Shatter is a high concentrated marijuana extract which is usually made by butane extraction. Over the past few decades, this cannabis extract has gained huge popularity among the cannabis users, mainly for its photogenic and glassy texture along with the higher THC potency. This glasslike brittle cannabis extract can be extracted from the direct marijuana plant with the tendency to snap while handled. In Canada, it is legal to use and buy shatter from the online stores. There are so many numbers of legitimate and leading online shops available to purchase the original shatter for your regular usage. This shatter canada is mainly known for its breakability like the broken glass. At the same time, it is preferred for its ease in handling during dabbing.

Understanding shatter:

Shatter probably requires delicate and long purging cycles in order to properly eliminate all solvents used during the extraction and manufacturing process. While smoking, this shatter is much stronger than the cannabis leaves or flowers. This is why most of the cannabis users now prefer using it for their inhaling habits. This cannabis concentrate can be produced using the best combination of cannabis plant materials and solvents.

indica flower

This is why the appearance of this shatter is usually translucent although its gloom can vary from the vivid honey like amber to the darkest yellow shade just like the olive oil. When it comes to the appearance, all types of shatters will emerge to have the similar constancy, but the substantial texture of every product can differ from exceptionally brittle to the taffy like snap & pull quality.

Buy shatter online:

  • There are several online shops available to purchase original and high quality shatter Canada for your regular usage.
  • As shatter is well known for its higher amount of THC, many concentrate producers also make the different varieties of shatter which is high in CBD (Cannabidiol) and very lower amount of THC.
  • When you are considering CBD shatter, it is primarily used toward the consumers who wish the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of cannabis without getting any intoxicating effects of THC.
  • This is because CBD shatter has the potent and concentrated dose of CBD thus it can be a right option for the medical cannabis patients and other users who are all interested in health & wellness.

While buying from the online shops, you have to be careful in finding the difference between such shatter types and purchase a right one which suits you.

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