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In Australia, many jobs need candidates to go through and pass a police check before a possible employer can proceed with the hiring process. Specific industries and organizations must ensure that risks to community safety and public health are appropriately alleviated. And that the likelihood of mishaps, misconduct, injuries, or damages caused by employees is lessened by thorough, more immense background assessments. Whether you’re looking for hiring or new work, managing police checks must be common practice in the pre-employment process.

Having a process in place doesn’t show distrust, yet rather actual due diligence on the organization’s part. It is in a company’s best interest that they have an idea of who they are hiring. And can trust that they can handle their roles ethically and honestly.

Know what is a police check

A police check is a national clearance certificate given by Australian accredited agencies listing a person’s disclosable criminal history. A lot of organizations and businesses are requesting a criminal record check as a standard operating method to make sure that the services and environments they provide and create are safe for everyone to enjoy. It’s a summary of any individual’s police history information. It is a government service offered to either an organization or an individual for employment. Occupation-related licensing, voluntary work, or registration process.

Understand some of the reasons why you need a police check

  • It is a part of Australia’s requirement for employment

Almost all employers are requesting that you need to submit a police check result as a part of the application process. The government even commands that employers include the police check assessment as part of their recruitment steps before hiring candidates.

  • For personal integrity

You may have to present a police check for personal integrity once you are assigned to certain integrity-related roles. The criminal history check will be used to find out if your character is suitable for the role.

  • Real estate licenses

Having a virtuous criminal record police check leads to increase chances of having a Real Estate license. If the licensing agency discovers a criminal history of deceptive, fraudulent, or other compromising acts, it can decline the License to work in Real Estate.

  • For Visa and Immigration

Applying for a new visa or renewing one is incomplete once you do not have a police check in Australia. The Immigration agency examines the candidate’s Visa to make sure they do not have pending programs or crimes that require them to remain in Australia.

  • Improves your business reputation and integrity

The police check certificate is also a validation of a candidate’s clean record in current times. Partners in a business or investment need some certificate of trust or evidence from the person they make business with.

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