Getting Rid Of Head Lice –Finding the Best Treatment

There is no secret that head lice are the most annoying inconvenience for the parents, caregivers, and even kids. This keeps kids out of the school and parents hunt for the best treatment to get rid of head lice. It is very important to find the best lice treatment and what you must look when searching for lice removal Riverside CA.

How to diagnose head lice?

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In many cases, you must diagnose the head lice on your own. Finding the live nymph or adult louse in your hair or scalp will be enough for the positive diagnosis of the head lice. Suppose you find just nits (or eggs) attached to your scalp or hair, still chances are very strong there’s the lice infestation. But, if nits are positioned over ¼ inch from its base of hair shaft, they likely are dead & won’t hatch. Suppose you see the nits & no live bugs, then you do not have any active head lice. Suppose you cannot find lice but still are having any symptoms, you must check the doctor for any kind of help with this diagnosis.

How is this treatment done?

The OTC medications that are prescribed by the doctor can kill lice but not its eggs. Thus, you may need to use medicine for a little time and see better results. Chrysanthemum flower will be quite toxic to lice and pyrethrin, is chemical compound that is extracted from flower and used as a base to make the medicines. You need to use the medications as it is instructed by the doctor. Suppose these OTC medications fail totally, then your doctor will prescribe malathion, benzyl alcohol, and lindane. Benzyl alcohol will kill lice just by depriving them from oxygen.

It’s possible you’re dealing with lice, which are quite resistant to active ingredient in the treatment product. Make sure you consult with the doctor immediately.

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