The Possible Measures to Reduce the Downtime of the Compressor

Compressed air is oneof the important factors in the manufacturing industry. If the compressor goes down in an unplanned manner then it will affect the overall operation of the plants. Hence planned downtime is more important to care of the operation of the plants.How to avoid downtime on a compressed Air System? We could not avoid it completely butmaintaining the compressor properly will minimize downtime. Here in this article will see some of the tips to reduce the downtime of the compressor.

Frequent Inspection of Compressor

Need to schedule the inspection of the compressor either once a week or any other way. This inspection should be visual hence can know the real conditions of the compressor. Need to inspect the compressor completely whether it has other issues or not. Because sometimes the other issues like oil leakages may cause the air leakage too hence whatever the problem identified need to rectify as soon as possible.

Caution on Different Sounds

The operation of the air compressor will make a kind of noise. If any issues arise then it will produce noise different from the stable conditions. Hence need to give importance tothe noise or sound generated by the air compressor. Any kind of unusual sounds from the compressor may be an indication of air leaks or other problems. Hence need to find the solution immediately.

Change of Compressor Fluid

The fluid used in the compressor will become dirty and need to change after some time. Here also need to make a schedule to change the oil hence can ensure the smooth running of the compressor. In general, new oil will provide proper lubricant to the compressor and will support the proper operation which leads to reducing the downtime of the compressor.

Ventilation Facility to the Compressor Room

A proper ventilation facility needs to make for the room where the compressor is installed. Operation of the compressor will generate the heat, this heat needs to be evacuated frequently. A ventilation facility helps for this and reduces the impact of heat on the compressor operation. In case no proper ventilation facility existed then it will be one of the factors for the downtime of the compressor. To avoid downtime better create the proper ventilation facility.

Preventive Maintenance

It is more important to do the preventive maintenance of the compressor to avoid downtime.Frequent preventive maintenance will help to identify even the small problem associated with the compressor. Providing the solution will support reducing the downtime of the compressor.

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