Learning About Hosted Predictive Dialer Services

The hosted smart dialing service provides the user with a high performance automatic smart dialer when rented monthly. The dialer is ready to use, reserved and protected by the service provider, and then delivered to the user within a few hours.

A hosted predictive dialer can improve the productivity of outbound contact center staff.

It means significant cost savings for outbound call centers of any size. When you factor in the expected tripling of sales/leads/refunds depending on the type of business you have due to increased call time, you can see why predictive dialler is becoming so popular.

A hosted smart dialing service pays for itself quickly, usually within the first month. Unlike traditional local dialers that require significant capital investment, there is usually only a small one-time setup fee and then a cost-effective monthly maintenance fee, with most providers not requiring costly agent software licenses.

You should also consider whether providers can provide a dedicated server, as this can provide additional security for your data since you will not need to share a server with other clients. It can be an absolute requirement when dealing with many financial institutions.

There are some other reasons why organizations might want to use a hosted predictive dialing service. In addition to operating in manual mode, broadcast, interconnection, and predictive outbound traffic also consider the need for all inbound and mixed capabilities so that agents can process inbound requests simultaneously.

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Skill-based routing, ACD, queuing, and IVR may come standard on some services, along with built-in call recording if desired. In addition, as a function, it is possible to run several campaigns at the same time in different dialing modes. An example of this is if you want to call your key customers in preview mode to ensure your agent has read the latest notes while running a smart dial cold calling campaign.

Since the services are entirely web-based, this opens up the possibility for the virtual contact center and agent to work from home. Agents do not have to be in the office; they can work from anywhere with internet access. Supervisors can keep a close eye on the activities of agents through an interactive web wallboard and can even listen to and answer calls regardless of the agent’s location.

With the latest package, which provides comprehensive historical reports, supervisors can see in detail the success rate of specific campaigns and the performance of individuals, allowing them to understand where they might need additional training.


Call handling codes can be easily configured for most businesses, and most services allow you to quickly and efficiently download data in various formats and export call reports. However, ensure that any service you are considering may be forced to comply with the requirements, so it is appropriate whether you call work or home numbers

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