Learning About The Platform Bed Frame

A platform bed is a bed without a box spring. Features a low profile; many swear they sleep better in a low bed.

Platform bed frames come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

platform bed frame styles reflect contemporary home decor styles. The platform gets its name from the mattress’s location in the product’s center. The frame is meant to be low to the ground and can be provided with or without legs. The wooden frame of the platform bed can be made from cherry, teak, rosewood, mahogany, maple, dark walnut, pecan, honey oak, and other materials. They can also be made from less durable but no less durable wood and painted or veneered to look like any other type of wood.

You can buy a platform bed as a traditional item. The product may be a poster bed that rests on a platform. The headboard is designed to be more ornate and has end caps on each side. The piece is made of wood and can be found in sets with matching dressing and side tables. Beds made in the form of platforms can be of all sizes, from doubles to kings.

When buying a bed frame on a wooden platform, you will come across terms such as natural,cappuccino, black, and others. It means they are made from durable wood or chipboard, painted or cosmetically altered to look different. All of these options can be beautiful, depending on your taste and the decor of the room you’re staying in.

platform bed frame

Devices with a base that reaches the floor are easier to clean than devices with short legs. The legs raise the product off the floor by a few inches, meaning there will be a place for the place to absorb dust and other objects. Since these beds are shorter than traditional ones, it is challenging for some people to bend over and clean under the bed. It should be taken into account when buying a bed of this type.

Most designs are made for a modern home, but you can find some styles that will work well with other types of décor. You should spend time researching the options to select the best for you. The metal frames of platform beds are made from tubular or sheet steel. They also lack the earthy feel of wood. They do not need repainting, restoration, or other types of maintenance.


Platform bed frames can have a headboard and footboard, or they can be the platform itself for maximum simplicity, which is what most people like about platform beds in the first place. But there’s nothing wrong with charming touches, such as a valance to hang veils, curtains, or decorations. You can leave your dome open to admire its true craftsmanship.

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