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What Everyone Must Know About Marc Roberts Miami

Marc Roberts, one of the main founders of the Miami world center project. Some of the important facts to know about Marc Roberts Miami have been discussed in this article.

Top achievements to know about Marc Roberts

Miami Worldcenter is one of the most luxurious as well as most visited places in Miami located in Florida. There are mainly around 200 shops present in this mall. Marc Roberts mainly co-founded it. There is a great variety of shops, having plenty of options to choose from. In addition to being a great place to shop, this also offers an amazing view of the city.

Marc is the youngest person ever to promote a professional boxing match at the age of 19. He has been admitted into the New Jersey Jewish Hall of Fame. He is one of the youngest people to take the company public on the national NASDAQ market in his 20s. He also had signed the 1988 Olympic gold medalist “Merciless” Ray Mercer.

Marc Roberts is also the co-owner of over eleven acres of strategically located property in downtown Miami. He has managed different World Champions. He is the published author of the widely approved book titled Roberts Rules: Success Secrets from America’s Most Trusted Sports Agent. He is also the co-founder as well as co-owner of Club E11EVEN, the world-renowned 24-hour nightclub.

Early life facts to know about Marc Roberts

In the 1990s, he did some research and then discovered that Miami is a market, which is full of opportunities. Then in 1998, Marc moved from New York to Miami. Then he saw the influx of wealthy people, who are moving to Star Island as well as buying the expensive houses on the water. According to him, Downtown Miami is an area with huge potential. At that time everything was being built up in Miami, and Marc saw the need for more affordable living. Marc mainly visualizes a real downtown district experience, having the highrises as well as a pedestrian-friendly core which is mainly filled with amenities.

After co-founding the Miami World Center, he mainly set his sights on the rest of the neighborhood. Roberts, who mainly started his career as a boxing promoter. Then he switched his career path towards real estate as well as co-founded the Miami Worldcenter with Art Falcone.

These are some of the important facts to know about Marc Roberts and his achievements.a