Payless Kratom Powder: Dosage to Use?

From the indigenous villages of Thailand to the northern parts of the Malay Peninsula, passing through New Guinea, the Kratom tree grows in the swampiest regions. Although its heights can range between 12 and 16 meters, it normally does not exceed 3-4 meters, developing a straight trunk and forked branches that grow upwards (in constant search of light).

Unfortunately, fresh Kratom leaves are hardly found in the West, but rather dried, ground, and powdered. It is used to treat debilitating conditions, such as chronic pain, depression, or drug detox, especially in countries where it grows naturally. However, in recent years, it is becoming increasingly popular in the West as well.


The psychoactive green leaves are characterized by an oval shape, with lengths of 8 to 12cm, tapered on both sides. The round flowers of the plants are yellow and form cluster structures, from which the seeds come out. Mitragyna speciosa leaves can be smoked, chewed, or made into extracts. Normally, they are ground to obtain a powder with multiple applications. The most common method of consumption is in the form of tea.


The active ingredient in Kratom is mitragynine. The potency of Kratom mainly depends on the amount of mitragynine it contains. The higher its concentrations, the stronger the effects of the product. However, the mitragynine content in natural Kratom is strongly influenced by certain factors.

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Kratom Dosage

By consulting the reviews of some online platforms, you can filter the sources and avoid disappointments and rip-offs. Though the payless kratom reviews from customers are very helpful, but since the effects depend on a large number of variables, they will never be completely same for everyone.

Dosage: Warnings

Over time, the body tends to create a certain tolerance to this plant. Hence, it is recommended for consuming Kratom no more than once a week or preferably no more than once or twice a month. Kratom in higher doses may cause a mild psychoactive effect.