Alexei Orlov speaks.

This new blog site contains a wealth of ideas and concepts about business and life, as well as hyperlinks to all of Alexei Orlov’s online publications.

You can discover this unique skill that has allowed him to infiltrate the businesses and companies he has worked with and make them higher than he found them. Alexei Orlov has excellent insight into personal and professional situations, but it all starts with the application of empathy.

The application of empathy is at the heart of every business choice, every word we write, every lesson we offer to those who work for us, and every important task we undertake for our clients. Alexei Orlov has put the idea of “using empathy” into practice in his own life, which has led him to extraordinary success in companies around the world.

Today, Alexei Orlov works in a new start-up called MTM. ThisisMTM.com is his website. MTM has acquired a number of advertising and marketing companies focused on areas of interest, providing first class MTM advertising and marketing to its clients around the world. They all work together to provide clients around the world with a first class model activation business. The company is headed by

An inspiring global marketer

Alexei Orlov and MTM, together on the road to entrepreneurial success

Many people believe that success is about talking, not doing. For Alexei Orlov, success as an entrepreneur was not always a series of salvo shots, and it was never easy. Instead, Orlov began laying the foundation to become the skilled executive he is today. Alexei Orlov started in the backroom building the company, learning how to get to the specific sites he had acquired, accumulating data on each site. Then he moved on to the next title he wanted to beat. But Alexei Orlov did what most people lack the vision to do early in their careers. At the beginning, he set very high but reasonable goals for himself.

Beginning his career as an employee, Alexei Orlov worked in merchandising, which led him to develop significant technical knowledge. Eventually, Orlov’s persistence, desire to succeed and willingness to take on more responsibility with each new position put him on the fast track to success. After the failure of his first chosen career, the corporate world and the success he achieved there seemed natural to him. At first, Orlov thought of becoming a priest. Later, at the seminary, he learned a lot of valuable information, which he applied effectively to go beyond the walls of the church and become a world leader in the business world.