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Alexei Orlov Combating The Marketing Industry

Marketing is one of the most important things in today’s world as the whole world is going global. One can find anything and everything on the internet for buying and for selling. Good marketing can help your brand achieve heights even if your product or brand is not that good, and poor marketing can degrade your brand, regardless of how good it is.

About Alexi Orlov

Alexei Orlova leading global marketer, is making sure to contribute his share. He is the CEO of mtm Choice worldwide, a network that specializes in media and brand optimization. The current CEO of mtm has worked with a lot of different brands and different situations. He was Senior Advisor to the CEO & Chairman of DAS. In China, he was Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Volkswagen Group, handling marketing and brand positioning. He has worked with Wunderman, WPP’s automotive, Volvo Cars, Avon, and much more. He has been working for 30 years across 40 countries with more than 50 brands.

Alexei Orlov

What is MTM?

This is an independent network that specializes in dynamic brand activation globally. They believe that if your customer doesn’t matter to you, your brand will also not matter to your customer. Through this, Alexei Orlov aimed to create a valuable relationship between brands and customers at the moments that matter. Currently, they are serving more than 160 clients worldwide. They provide strategic financial and operational guidance.

Alexei Orlov believes that “Wisdom only comes when we throw our knowledge away,” and that is why one should take any and every risk to grow and test their knowledge. He also believes that not everything he is thinking is always right because every business life and relationship are at stake. He says that we should overcome our flaws and make a positive relationship with them.