A healthy recipe to try during this pandemic

The present COVID pandemic has made havoc in the restaurant as well as the food industry. Restaurants over all the world have either closed down or have reduced their client service capacity. This situation has let people crave and search for some of the healthy and delicious dishes to eat. The recent pandemic has allowed us to master and improve our cooking skills. The pandemic has provided us with extra time to spare to cook and also to indulge in the dishes that we made. We will teach you about one such recipe. You can make homemade pizza pockets easily at your home. You need to get ready for being hungry as you go through this article.

How to make pizza pockets?

Pizza is and will always be regarded as the ‘comfort food’. We usually eat pizza on almost every type of occasion. We eat pizza when we are happy and also when we feel down. We eat pizza any time no matter what is our emotional state at that particular time. but, this pandemic has caused us to carve for our favourite pizzas as most of the pizza parlours are closed.

But at this pandemic time as well, we can eat pizza, our favourite comfort food anytime by making it at our home. During this home quarantine, we can make homemade pizza pockets which comes out to be very delicious. It is quite easy and less messy to make it as compared to the traditional pan pizza. You are also able to customise the fillings and flavours according to your choice.

All you require is a pizza dough or some leftover bread. If you go for pizza dough, you can either make it at home or go for store-bought. For making the sauce, you can choose whether you want to use either spaghetti or marinara sauce. The different varieties of the cheese, meats as well as veggies will depend upon your choices and preferences. This way you can make some delicious pizza pockets at your home easily during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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