Enjoy a handful of raw almonds


Along with its shape and texture, the taste of raw almonds always makes you feel to eat more and enjoy the crunchiness of each bite. Raw almonds can be added to your dishes and also can be eaten as a snack as it has many choices in the foods that will be providing royal taste. People eat these almonds either raw or roasted each having its own respective taste and benefit. In general, nuts possess fats either monounsaturated fats or polyunsaturated fats, and these almonds possess or contain a high amount of fat for one serving and it is approximately 2/3 of monounsaturated fat and it is scientifically proven that it is healthy for the heart.

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Benefits of almonds

These raw almonds can be added to a variety of recipes and they give you a wonderful output which makes the dish delicious. These natural almonds are crunchy, hard, and cohesive. When it comes to its texture they are correlated with the moisture and the texture where is when there is an increase or decrease in the moisture. These are one of the mouthwatering snacks with a buttery flavor and one would never regret to grab up a handful of almonds to be eaten as a snack.

There are many benefits when these raw almonds are taken, and these are the health-related benefits. The saturated fat level of these raw almonds is lowest among all kinds of nuts that are available on this earth and these are loaded with copper and manganese which is needed in trace amounts by the human body. These almonds are also rich in vitamin B2 and this helps in the growth as well as the repair of tissues.


These are highly rich in antioxidants unhealthy facts which will in turn deliver a huge amount of nutrients. The aroma and flavor are due to the volatile components which are present and in raw almonds there are law attributes of the flavor or the aroma and these are considered to be the mild-flavored products and so they are used in many dishes which wouldn’t alter the flavor of the dish.

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