Types of services offered by Taxicab

The term “taxicab” refers to a motor-driven vehicle that was originally designed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and has not been modified, and that is being used for the transport of passengers for a metered fee. It excludes motor buses that operate along regular routes and schedules or between fixed termini, as well as vehicles contracted by the Department of Education for school transportation.

Premium cab service

The term “premium taxi service” shall refer to the type of cab service and is used by one party or group at a time, unless the initial person or party objects to another person or group of people trying to ride in the taxicab, that is provided all along shortest route between both the owner’s origin and the destination, and which the fare is computed using a taximeter, as defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. One such cab services is https://www.mylimomate.com.au/. You can go through their site for additional details.

Shared cab service

Premium cab service

When the term “shared taxi service” is used, it refers to a taxi service that can be used by and over one party or group at a time, that is not essentially provided along the most direct route between an owner’s origin and destination, but rather is supplied in such a way that the black cab deviates from the most direct route in order to grab or deliver both these travellers, and for which an area fare is charged.

Limousine for Hire

In this definition, a for hire motor carrier is one that transports passengers within the legal capacity of each vehicle, does not have a taximeter, and employs a driver who transports passengers for start hiring at rates of fare that have been agreed upon between both the operating licensee, it’s own agent or operator, and the passengers. In no case may the fare be higher than the rate agreed on this at the time of a franchise agreement. In addition, no limousine may be used for cruising or operated on a call or demand basis.

The person who owns the property

Taxicab owners include anyone who has control over the operation, maintenance, and collection of taxicab revenue, anyone who has legal title to a taxicab, or, in the event that a taxicab is subject to a contract for conditional sale thereof, with right of purchase on such performance of a conditions specified in the contract but with the instant right of possession; and anyone who has control over the operation, maintenance, and collection of revenue from taxicabs.

The term “driver” must refer to and include any anyone who is in control of or running a taxicab.The term “owner’s permit” refers to a permission issued to the owner of a taxicab company.

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