How Alexei Orlov strategies the right marketing 

Real-time cultural listening and social intelligence are some of the most important means of supporting dynamics today. What people say and their feelings in real-time are gold for today’s brands. Most of the data is based on statistical assumptions that monitored data can help brands spend less money.

SEO PULL Strategy 

Voice assistants pull data from search engines like Google, which means that the brand’s SEO strategy is critical for website content to be visible on the voice platform. The latest changes to Google’s search engine algorithm allow them to identify search intent and prioritize it, rather than a string of keywords. This means that SEO strategies must prioritize context and category experience.

Changes in an advertising agency 

The current model is changing. Just eight years ago, advertising ruled everything. That was the golden age of film and television. The client starts with a budget and then asks the agency to develop ideas that can be used for that budget. Now the world has changed. Power has been passed from the brand to the individual. Today, brands need people more than people. The challenge for brands is to deliver real benefits in real-time so that you can create a discreet experience. Alexei Orlov added you have to do this bit by bit every day and increase the overall consumer perception of the brand over time. This has led to a fundamental change because agents now have to gain deep and meaningful insights from the data that can take the brand elsewhere. This requires precision. Successful companies will be able to capture the faults of real, meaningful, and unique data and then shape insights in a way that makes people stop.

Difference between the desire and necessity by expert

Right Conversation 

At the beginning of the relationship, you need to establish basic rules. Alexei Orlov says the client needs the advice of the advertising company instead of simply delivering the results, it must be agreed in advance for the delivery and reception of the discussion. The agent will have the freedom, in fact, the responsibility of expressing opinions and sharing ideas.

Where are industries lacking 

Agents are very bad to sell their works. The reason is that agents are afraid. Clients should help reduce this fear, but institutions do not insist emotionally, but more careful research is based on the facts. When two parts discuss the differences, it is a fact, one is an emotion, and it is easy to miss the prospect of other sides. Organizations must learn to speak and understand the client’s language so that the correct dialogue.

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