What are the different types of storage units that are used in the shipping industry?

Shipping containers are usually used when you want to transport, trade, and ship. These SCF shipping containers are helpful because they are keeping the products safe. It can be easily shipped from one place to another using different containers depending on what materials you have to transport.

These containers are moving to keep them safe in long travels and to secure so you can receive them in one piece. It will also matter what kind of products you have or whether there are certain services that you need. The units are used to perform all different kinds of shipping cargo.

The open side storage

SCF shipping containers

The open side storage container has doors that you can change to open sides. This will give it a wider space or room for loading more materials.

The double doors

It is a kind of unit that has double doors. It looks like a wider room to make things easier to unload and load materials. It can be used to load construction materials such as iron and steel that are in sizes of 20 ft and 40 ft.

The refrigerated ISO

The refrigerated ISO is different from the standard one. It can control the temperature. It is used to transport perishable food such as vegetables and fruits in long-distance travel. It is to avoid spoiling the food. They kept it at a low temperature and when it arrived it was still fresh.

Thermal or insulated

It is a storage container that has temperature control that can sustain a higher temperature. When you use this it extends the life of the material without getting damaged by the direct heat of the sun. This is mostly used for great distance transportation of products.


It is a widely used container storage that can transport liquid materials. This has a huge part in the whole shipping industry. The container is made of durable steel or anti-corrosive material. This will allow them to prolong its life and protect it from direct heat.

Cargo storage

It is a foldable container and it is a specialized container unit that is ideal to move materials or sets. It is made out of durable wire mesh and sturdy with rollers to make it easier to move around. It uses colored wire mesh to make this container colorful.


It is a kind of shipping container which is made out of steel. These containers can be used to transport stones, coals, and other materials that need to have easy loading and unloading.

Car carriers

It is a type of storage unit that can transport cars a fair distance. The container has collapsible sides which the car can fit inside without being damaged or moved from its place. This can secure the car, especially when traveling great distances.


It is a cylinder container that is made out of steel, hard plastic, metal, and fiber. This is used to transport liquid materials. It is usually small in actuality but it needs extra space when transported.

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