Tips for choosing a Maid of Honor

Choosing a Maid of Honour (Matron of Honour if she’s married) is one of the most critical tasks for the bride before the big event. The MoH handles crucial responsibilities and acts as a helping hand for the bride during various events. There’re many other perks that you can let your sister enjoy as the MoH, besides reading maid of honor speech for sister.

What is the person responsible for?

Maid of honor plays a critical role in wedding planning and making related decisions. She’s the head of bridesmaids and responsible for assigning duties to them. The MoH gets honor but also faces a complicated share of responsibilities to make things easy for the bride.

From planning a bridal shower to creating a bachelorette party, the maid of honor leads the bridesmaids. The bride needs someone to help her get dressed for various occasions during and before the event. She relies on MoH to assist her while dressing.

As mentioned earlier, the MoH enjoys special perks like making a toast or giving a speech during the wedding. She also gets the honor to sign the marriage certificate as one of the signers. But, there are crucial tasks like handling wedding and rehearsal dinner responsibilities. She also needs to support the bride throughout various events.

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Choosing the right person

Maid of honor can also be referred to as the bride’s sidekick or bride’s honor attendant. Someone from close friends or relatives circle can be an excellent choice to be the maid of honor. However, if choosing the person is difficult, the bride may select an individual she trusts. Both the bride and MoH should feel comfortable with each other during the wedding planning process.

Can a bride choose a man as her MoH?

It’s entirely up to the bridge when it comes to selecting the maid of honor. Traditionally, the MoH’s role has been considered as a gender-based one. However, these days, gender does not matter; the bride just needs to be comfortable with the person.

Brides often feel comfortable letting their brother or guy friend be their helping hand in the form of MoH. It’s all about the level of comfort that the bride enjoys with the chosen person. The only difference is that a man maid of honor is known as a man of honor. And yes, there’s not much difference between the maid of honor speech for sister and brother.